T-16 – Standard


From wrap making to filling and forming, this model is capable of producing 10,000 gyoza per hour.

All operations are automated, from making the wraps from sheets of dough to filling them and forming the gyoza. The size and shape of the gyoza, amount of ingredients, and wrap thickness are all designed to the customer's specifications.

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T-16 Specs table

Capacity 10,000 pcs/hour
No. of forming pallets 16
Unloading conveyor 2-row ejecting conveyor
Dough roller width 230 mm
Water-added dough feed Air shower
Air supply method Equipment installed at site used (not installed on main machine)
Main machine dimensions 1280 mm x 1700 mm x 1610 mm (without options)
Electrical power Main unit drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.40 kW

Screw drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.09 kW

Dough drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.75 kW
Total weight 1000 kg

※Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve performance.