Crepe machine (Model: HT-15CH) bakes up the batter, mixture of egg, milk, wheat flour and sugar, and forms either round crepe or strip-shaped crepe. Firstly, put the batter into the batter hopper. The crepe machine sends the batter to the batter tank, scoops up the batter and pastes it on the drum surface uniformly by use of transcription drum, bakes up it, finally scrapes the baked crepe onto the conveyer one after another.

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Production capacity: 900 sheets / hour
Product size: 150-230mm DIA.(At standard: 200mm DIA.
Product thickness : 0.4-1.2 mm
Machine dimension (W x L x H) : 920 x 680 x 1,700 mm
Required power: 9.5 KW.


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