Dusting Flour Covering Device DU110


It bonds a uniform layer of dusting flour to the surfaces of the products.

The Dusting Flour Covering Device is used in conjunction with the Rheon Encrusting machine or Cornucopia.



Its extremely compact design maximizes floor space.

With a built-in flour collector to prevent flour form spilling outside the machine, the Dusting flour Covering Device effectively maintains factory sanitation.

All parts and internal components(brush and conveyor sections) can be washed down with water, making sanitation simple.

The Dusting Flour Covering Device is an essential part of an automated molding Encrusting machine line for baked sweets.




Model Code DU110
Total Length 735mm(Type dA), 920mm(TypedB)
Belt Speed 0-6.2m/min.
Hopper Capacity 25LITERS






*** Other specifications are also available.