Solid Feeder With “Air Suction” device for KN550



With “Air Suction” device for KN550

You can now produce more varieties of products using solid materials for your own individual creation!



By attaching the Solid Feeder to the “Cornucopia®”, it is now possible to encrust solid material in your products.

●Items such as chestnuts, strawberries, grapes and seasonal ingredients can be entirely encrusted without damaging the original shape.

●Solid ingredients can be efficiently encased by connecting this device to Rheon's KN550.

●In addition to large solids, small products such as red beans, raisins, diced cheese can also be easily encrusted.
By a switch of a button, you can encrust two separate solid materials into a single product.

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1) Encrusts solid material completely with filling.


Chinese Meat Bun with Boiled Pork, Moon Cake with Egg Yolk etc,

Encrusts solid material with filling.


▲Moon Cake with Egg Yolk


▲Chinese Meat Bun with Boiled Pork


2) Encrusts solid material completely without filling.


Scotch Egg, Knödel etc,

Encrusts solid material without filling.

(Special parts are required. For further details, please contact us.)


▲Scotch Egg


▲Knödel with whole Plum

4.2 JP

▲Meat with Olive


▲Surimi with Scallops

●Production capacity is 30 pieces per minute.

●With the air suction capability, air in the product is reduced significantly.

Depending on the product, you can turn the air suction ON or OFF as well as adjust the level of suction.