Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd. has created the gyoza (dumpling) machines which is able to automatically produce consistent quality gyoza and is equipped with mass-production system, by use of high technology cultivated since Daiei's establishment. The Gyoza (dumpling) machine automates a series of processes such as the pastry wrapper punching, stuffing, forming into the gyoza dumpling with beautiful pleats, and delivery onto the conveyer. And also, Daiei's gyoza machine is able to pack the gyoza into trays at the time of connection with the exclusive tray packing machine. Furthermore, Daiei's gyoza (dumpling) making machines is able to adjust the stuffing weight, and wrapper thickness, consequently it produces easily the boiled gyoza with thicker wrapper. Those Gyoza (dumpling) machines are usually used in connection with the exclusive dough pastry machine. For small and semi-automatic Gyoza machine, please see "SMALL AND SEIMI-AUTOMATIC MACHINE".