HM Line – Pastry, croissant and bread


Producing pastry, croissant and bread from dough sheet (Danish Pastry, Ruglach, Pain au Chocolat, Croissant, Strudel, Puff Horn).

HM Line and Universal Table produces wide variety of high quality products such as Puff Pastry, Danish, Croissant, Doughnuts and Shortbread easily on a single compact line.




1.High quality product can be produced

HM Line does not apply any damage to dough due to its Stress Free® System. Therefore, it can produce high quality products without changing flavor and consistency of given materials.


2.Uniform fat layers can be obtained. 

Uniformity of rolled-in fat layers is the key to produce high quality Danish Pastry and Puff Pastry. Being Stress Free®, HM Line can produce laminated products with uniform and beautiful fat layers.


3.Reduces the use of dusting flour. 

“New Multi-Stretcher” reduces the use of dusting flour down to 1/3 of conventional systems, which improves the quality of products, minimizes the scatter of dusting flour, saves dusting flour cost and helps clean the working environment in the plant.


4.Produces many varieties of products. 

As HM Line forms products from continuous dough sheet, it enables flexible production of Bread and Pastry in various shapes and sizes as required.


5.Simple product changeover. 

Production data can be stored in the P.M.U. Controller (Production Memory Unit). Therefore, it is easy to run the production with same condition by simply entering the production number. And easy changeover of the forming options saves time for preparation of the next production.


6.Easy Cleaning. 

All the parts can be easily disassembled by One-Touch design for easy cleaning and maintenance. This allows safe and sanitary productions eliminating the uncleaned area and the danger of food contamination.

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Selective options offer the following make-up processes

Forming with Croissant Turner


Forming with Side Winder


Cutting by Guillotine Cutter


Forming with Depositor


Forming with Flexible Blade Cutter


Forming with Twister


Cutting with a variety of Rotary Cutters


※We have a lot more shaping devices available other than above examples. Please contact Rheon offices for more information.

※Available options can be limited depends on the length of the New Universal Table.