Properly blended sushi rice is one of the most critical parts of sushi. Sadly, it is often overlooked by many, leading to a inferior tasting sushi product.

Sushi vinegar should be blended thoroughly throughout the mixture, and fanned while cooling to ensure that the vinegar spreads over the surface of the rice grains to give it a glossy finish. 

Sushi rice should be mixed gently, taking care not to crush the individual rice grains, which can lead to a stickier and softer rice texture. Sadly, this often occurs when hand mixing rice – but is a problem that can be easily solved using one of these machines.

Thoroughly mixed sushi rice is also much safer to store and eat. Vinegar is acidic, and has antibacterial properties, that when mixed thoroughly into rice, can help extend its storage life and reduce the chances of food poisoning occuring in your sushi business.

Sushi rice mixing machines also speed up the process greatly. They can blend vinegar into rice very thoroughly within 3 to 5 minutes, and save a lot of labour time and costs in your shop. 

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