Tiger JNO-B360 – 20 Cup (3.6L) Electric Rice Cooker

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  • 20 Cup (3.6L) Max Capacity
  • Most Popular Commercial Rice Cooker

The Tiger Commercial Electric Rice Cooker JNO-B360, is one of the most popular commercial rice cookers in the world, renowned for its durability. The JNO-B360 can cook up to 20 cups of rice (3.6L), and has a 'rice warming' function to ensure that cooked rice remains warm. The outer body is made of durable stainless steel. The Tiger JNO-B360 represents great value for money and is ideal for small-medium shops. Extra rice cookers can be purchased if greater rice cooking capacity is needed.

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Specifications Detail
Model JNO-B360
Machine Capacity

3.6L / 20 Cups

Type Electric
Power Input AC 240V 1Ph 50Hz
Power Consumption 1410 W
Machine Weight 8.5 kg
Standard Australian OH&S Standard
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan


How to Use The Tiger JNO-B360

Rice Cooking:
1) Open the cover
2) Remove the cooking pot
3) Place the rice cooking net inside the cooking pot
4) Add rice to cooking pot
5) Use the measuring cup to measure the rice volume
6) Rinse the rice until water is clear (3-4 times)
7) Lift up the rice with rice cooking net and drain the water.
8) Place the plastic cooking sheet (plastic sheet) inside the cooking pot (at the bottom)
9) Place the rice (together with the cooking net) in the cooking pot
10) Add water (e.g. 10 cups of rice – Add water to the water level 10 cup)
Adjust water level +/- minus to suit your own requirement
11) The rice cooking net must be placed inside the cooking pot
12) Close the cover (lid included)
13) Press “Start” for cooking
14) After cooking, remove the cooked rice together with the cooking net
15) Place the cooked rice in rice container (ready to serve)
16) After removing the cooked rice, place the rice cooking net in clean water
Do not let the rice cooking net dry up, as the leftover dried leftover rice stuck on the net will taint the next batch.

Cleaning the cooking pot:
1) Remove the cooking pot from the cooker
2) Add water
3) Use a sponge (soft surface) to clean the pot (inside and outside)
4) Drain the water
5) Wipe both inside and outside with a dry cloth or paper towel

Cleaning the Lid:
1) Remove the lid from the cover (bottom)
2) Use a sponge (soft surface) to clean the lid (inside and outside)
3) Drain the water
4) Wipe both inside and outside with dry cloth or paper towel

Cleaning the Rice cooker – Outside:
1) Wipe outside with damp towel 
2) Do not use excess water

Cleaning the Rice cooker – Inside:
1) Wipe inside with dry towel only
2) Do not use damp or wet towel for cleaning inside of cooker

Cleaning the Cooking sheet (plastic sheet):
1) Use soft sponge to clean the cooking sheet
2) Wipe both sides with dry cloth or paper towel



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