Suzumo SSF-CXA – Turntable Nigiri Former


  • Produces up to 2,000 nigiri rice balls / hr
  • Adjustable weight and density

The SSF-CXA is a new mid-range model able to produce up to 2,000 nigiri rice balls per hour. Nigiri balls are dispense automatically onto the rotating table. The machine will automatically stop dispensing nigiri once the table is full.

The SSF-CXA features an easy to use control panel which allows the nigiri rice ball weight and density to be adjusted precisely.

Simply place cooked rice in the hopper and start making rice balls!

Find out more about Suzumo nigiri machines: SSG-SCS, SSF-CXA & SSN-FLX.

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Specifications Detail
Machine Capacity 2,000 pcs/hr
Weight per Piece Table Unit CXA-S10: 12 – 18g (52mm x 22mm), Table Unit CXA-A10: 18 – 20g (55mm x 24mm)
Hopper Capacity Approx 6kg of cooked rice (10L)
Power Input AC 240V 1Ph 50Hz (No Transformer required in Australia)
Power Consumption Max. 150W
Machine Dimensions 320W x 520D x 630H (mm)
Machine Weight 35 kg
Standard Australian OH&S Standard, CE or ETL Certified
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan



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