Fujimak FRC Series – 50 – 150 Cup (9 – 27L) Electric Rice Cooker


  • Cook up to 150 cups (27L) of rice
  • Height adjustable legs +-15mm
  • Glass wool heat insulator
  • Round cooking non-stick teflon-coated pan

The Suzumo FRC series is a heavy duty industrial sushi rice cooker/maker capable of cooking up to 150 cups of rice (27L) at a time. The FRC comes in three models, with 50 / 100 / 150 cup capacities. A stacked deck construction reduces the overall footprint of the unit, allowing you to save space, while producing more rice for your sushi or other rice based dishes. The FRC features a computerised rice cooking controller, steam sensor that automatically turns off the heater at the right time, and an error display and alarm for complete functionality and perfect rice in the large quantities you need. 

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Specifications Detail
Model FRC-54 FRC-108 FRC-162
No. of Decks 1 2 3
Machine Capacity (max) 9L / 50 Cups 18L / 100 Cups 27L / 150 Cups
Type Electric
Power Input AC 415V 3Ph 50Hz
Power Consumption 5.4 kW 10.8 kW 16.2 kW
Dimensions ( W x D x H mm ) 750 x 600 x 517 750 x 600 x 934 750 x 600 x 1351
Machine Weight 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg
Standard Australian OH&S Standard & CE Certified
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan

Operating the FRC:
1. Place the cooking pot on the machine.
2. Press selected program start switch.
3. The machine will cook the rice automatically (approx 40min/cycle)
4. Remove the cooking pot and serve rice


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