Magic Sushi Conveyor Type


The magic conveyor is a unique and innovative sushi conveyor design that does away with the traditional sushi conveyor belt, and makes plates appear as if they were floating "magically" along the glass table top.

The magic conveyor uses a moving magnet system that is hidden away underneath the glass table top. The plates sit on black magnetic disks that move along the glass table in sync with the moving magnetic track underneath the glass table.

The magic conveyor also features an optional light strip that lies along the edge of the table, to make the table stand out even more.

We do recommend that you consider whether your users will know whether to put the plates back on top of the magnetic disks. If they place it on the table, rather than the magnetic disks, this can cause blockages and spillage along the conveyor table top.

However, if you are willing to educate your users, or are confident that they will know to put the plates back on top of the disk, then the magic conveyor is a great and unique option.

The magic conveyor is perfect for concept stores, and those who want something a bit different from the traditional look sushi conveyor.


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