Rice Washers


White rice is produced when brown rice is processed and milled to remove the outer husk, bran and germ. After milling, rice is then polished using very fine dust to  smooth the surface of the grain and give it a white, bright and shiny appearance. 

When you buy white rice, there is leftover starch which must be rinsed off before cooking. This starch must be rinsed off the rice to prevent the rice from becoming too sticky.

Sushi rice must be rinsed thoroughly before cooking to make sure that the rice is not too sticky, and to ensure that the individual rice grains stay intact. This ensures a high quality taste and textured sushi rice.

Rice washing can be done by hand. However, if you need to wash high volumes of white rice, you may want to invest in a machine that takes much of the manual labour out of the process and saves your arms and hands (and time). 

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