We have the following preloved sushi machines for sale. All machines have been fully refurbished and come with a 6 months warranty.

SVR-NXA Automatic Norimaki (Sushi Roll) Robot

The SVR-NXA is our most popular rolling machine, and is suitable for small/ medium sized shops. It sheets and rolls rice, and can produce small, medium or large square rolls, and is able to roll both normal and outside in rolls.

  • 2013 SVR-NXA (180-35) Serial Number 286-1301-0126
  • 2014 SVR-NXA (180-35) Serial Number 266-13090219
  • 2015 SVR-NXA (200-35) Serial Number 286-14100386
  • 2016 SVR-NXA (200-40) Serial Number 286-15120619

MCR-ASB Automatic Rice Mixer

This machine blends the rice and vinegar like an experienced chef without damaging the rice grains, to produce high quality ‘shari’ rice.

  • 2016 MCR-ASB Serial Number 329-15060723

SSG-SCS Automatic Nigiri (Rice Ball) Robot

The SGS-SCS shapes and produces Nigiri rice balls and dispenses them automatically. Simply take each nigiri rice ball out, and another one will pop up automatically.

  • 2018 SSG-SCS Serial Number 177-15040786

MCR-SSC Automatic Rice Mixer

The MCR-SSC blends up to 6kgs of rice and vinegar without rough mechanical force to produce high quality "Shari" (sushi rice). It also cools the rice to appropriate temperatures with a built-in blower and filter. "Shari" can be discharged from the drum by touch-screen operation. This machine is perfect for small shops.

  • 2010 MCR-SSC Serial number 224-807026
  • 2013 MCR-SSC Serial number 224-1305-0213
  • 2014 MCR-SSC Serial Number 224-1404-0299
  • 2014 MCR-SSC Serial number 224-1403-0278
  • 2014 MCR-SSC Serial number 224-14030286

SVR-NYA Automatic Rice Sheeting Machine

The SVR-NYA can dispense up to 950 sheets per hour. It is ideal for those who still want to roll their sushi rolls by hand and want to create consistent rice sheets very quickly.

  • 2012 SVR-NYA Serial Number 180-1110 0652

MCR-UNC Semi Automatic Rice Mixer Machine

The MCR-UNC blends up to 15kgs of cooked rice and vinegar without rough mechanical force to produce high quality "Shari" (sushi rice).

  • 2014 MCR-UNC Serial number 189-13090696