Spreading rice sheets and rolling sushi by hand is time-consuming, can be unhygienic, and can lead to inconsistent sushi rolls. As your production volumes increase, and your shop expands, you will need to find a way to consistently make more sushi rolls. 

Many shops also hire part-time, or inexperienced staff, which can cause a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining a high standard of finished product.

These rice sheeting and rolling machines solve these problems for you. They are dead simple to use, and help you to make higher quality sushi, faster, and more consistently.

They are great for those who may be less experienced in making sushi, who want peace of mind knowing that their store can make high quality sushi even if they have less experienced staff, or for those who want a quicker and easier way to make more sushi for their customers.

Find out more about Suzumo sushi sheeting & rolling machines: SVR-NYA, SVR-NXA & SVR-BXA.



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