Suzumo MCR-UNC – 15kg Rice Mixer


  • Blends up to 15kg of cooked rice in 3 – 4 min
  • Simple one button discharge
  • Built in air blower for rice cooling

The MCR-UNC blends over two times more rice than MCR-SSC. The MCR-UNC blends the rice and vinegar without rough mechanical force to produce high quality "Shari" (sushi rice). It also cools the rice to appropriate temperatures with a built-in blower and filter. "Shari" can be discharged easily from the drum using the control panel.

Include 3 mixing patterns. Washable parts can be easily dismantled and reassembled without tools for easy cleaning.

Find out more about Suzumo sushi rice mixers: MCR-SSC & MCR-UNC.

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Specifications Detail
Machine Capacity Max 15 kg
Power Input AC 240V, 1Ph 50Hz
Power Consumption 130W
Machine Dimensions 810W x 645D x 1120H (mm)
Machine Weight 80 kg
Standard Australian OH&S Standard, CE Certified
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan


Operating the MCR-UNC:

  1. Open the mixing drum top lid.
  2. Place the cooked rice in the mixing drum.
  3. Add appropriate amount of rice vinegar.
  4. Close the mixing drum top lid and secure side latches.
  5. Press selected program start switch.
  6. Let machine mix rice and vinegar automatically (approx 3-5 min/cycle).
  7. Once cycle is finished, open the mixing drum top lid.
  8. Place the opened rice container under the mixing drum.
  9. Press drum rotate switch and discharge the rice to the rice container.



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