Forming Device for à l'Ancienne – Baguette 


Automated Baguette à l'Ancienne Production!!

Newly developed "Forming Device for à l'Ancienne."

Mounted on V4-Universal Table as an optional forming device.



Automatically produces pointed shape Baguiettes by forming both ends of rectangular dough piece into pencil shape.

By changing the belt speed, dough ends can be formed sharper or rounder as desired.

Easy operation and change over.

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Available for 1 row (large product) and 2 rows (small product) productions.

1 row forming


2 rows forming



Product Length Range 
1 row forming:

550mm – 600mm

(dough thickness 30mm)
2 rows forming:

250mm – 300mm

(dough thickness 30mm)

Ask Rheon for product length besides above.