Rounder RR800 – Rounding dough balls


  • Automates the hand forming process of rounding dough balls, for efficient and hygienic production.
  • This machine is attached to the Rheon encrusting machine. Divided or encrusted products are formed through a rotating drum, to create products that are even closer to perfect spheres.
  • Product size variations can be conducted easily by changing the drum and guide.
  • The Rounder is easy to clean after production.



  • The machine is simple, compact, and utilizes only minimal space for efficient production.
  • The caster and one-touch stoppers make moving and setting the machine easy.
  • The forming size is available in diameters of 28, 32, and 36 mm. (Drum diameters from 20 to 40 mm can be made to order.)
  • Production occurs at a maximum rate of 3600 products per hour.

Production Line with Rounder

Connect the Rounder to the Cornucopia for immediate use.



Output 3600pcs/hr
Product Size Dia. 20 – 40mm



The drum and guide must be changed according to product size.
The Rounder is not suited for forming certain materials. Please consult the Rheon office nearest you.




▲Nerikiri  ▲Dango  ▲Sweet Potato  ▲Bean Paste