The samosa machine (Model: SAM-25HT) automates a series of processes such as pastry making, stuffing deposition, wrapping and folding, delivery them onto conveyer. This model consists of the pastry making machine (model: HT-30S ) and the wrapping machine (model: SAM-25). Putting the mixed-batter and stuffing into the batter hopper and the stuffing hopper, respectively, the samosa machine bakes up the pastry wrapper, deposits the stuffing on the wrapper, then wraps / folds the stuffing through 5 steps, finally delivers them onto the conveyer.

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Production capacity: 1,500 Pieces / hour
Product weight : 18-55 g
Product size : 65 x 65 x 65-85 x 85 x 85 mm
NOTE: The above range is not adjustable range. One size /weight should be chosen at the time of order.
Machine dimension (W x L x H) : 3,100 x 1,645 x 1,760 mm
Required power: 24.0 KW


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