The shaomai machine (Model:SX-60) fully automates a series of processes such as pastry wrapper making, filling, forming into Shaomai shape, and delivery to conveyer. 
Putting the kneaded-dough and stuffing into the dough hopper and stuffing hopper, respectively, the shaomai (Su-mai) machine makes square pastry wrapper, fills the stuffing on the wrapper, forms the beautiful and high-quality Shaomai, and finally delivers shaomai on the conveyer.


1) Price is reasonable get. 
2) Operation is Easy. 
3) Pastry goes to cutter automatically.


Machine dimension(W x L x H): 1,400x740x1,870mm
Production capacity: 3,000-3,600Pcs/Hr
Product weight: Max.35g
Product pastry:Max.85x85mm
Product diameter:Max.40mm


sx60_02 sx60_03 sx60_01