Compact Panner with Tray Feeder


Easy operation and maintenance.

Reduce labor costs and increase productivity!

The new affordable Compact Panner has a built-in Underneath Conveyor which indexes trays and receives products from Rheon encrusting machines(single head) and lines them up evenly.



  • All pick up has been automated, so product shape remains intact and production is very sanitary.
  • The Compact Panner can memorize up to five panning patterns and operation is very simple with a single switch production changeover.

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Tray Feeder

Tray feeding can also be automated by connecting the Tray Feeder.





Machine Code KP202 / KP242
Total Length 1796mm
Total Width 2050mm ( 2146mm includes Tray Feeder )
Total Height 1425mm ( 1441mm includes Tray Feeder )
Belt Width 75mm or 145mm








Panning pattern example

Trays move 90 degrees to the right to product flow direction on the standard model. Please contact Rheon for the opposite direction model.


Tray Size (Range) 580 – 800mm x 400 – 600mm
Tray Size Height (Max.) 35mm
Panner Work (Max.) 8times/min.