Spring roll machine (Model: HTS-45) consists of the pastry machine (Model : HT-45) and wrapping machine (Model : SR-45), and automates whole processes including pastry making, deposition of stuffing, wrapping and rolling, and delivery onto conveyer. Putting the dough batter and stuffing into the batter hoper and stuffing hoper, respectively, the machine makes the pastry strip, cuts into desired sheet, deposits the stuffing, then wrap and rolls, and finally deliver them onto the conveyer. The feature of this model is to able to make round and tight spring roll.

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Production capacity: 2700 Pieces/ hour.
Product length: 70-125 mm.
Product weight: 25-30g
Machine size (W x L x H): 3500 x 2600 x 2500 mm
Power requirement: 33.0 KW