Side Winder + Tightening Device – Dough Winder W/ Fillings


Accurately winds dough with a variety of fillings.

This is a make up option for the Rheon Stress Free bread and pastry making line.

A roller and an assisting device wind a continuous dough sheet to form single or multiple rows of products.

The Tightening Device (patent pending) assures accurate winding of a range of fillings, including large chunks of apples, solid materials like chestnuts, and grainy textured fillings.



Side Winder

The winding position and angle can be adjusted as desired.
The Side Winder can be attached to the Make Up Systems of all bread production lines, including the EZ Table, Compact EZ Table, HM + Universal Table, AD Line, and the different Make Up Tables.

(The Tightening Device does not connect to certain machines.)
Measures have been taken for easy attachment, detachment, and cleaning.

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Tightening Device


Using the Tightening Device option does not limit the variety of materials the Side Winder can form.

The Side Winder and Tightening Device can be used to wind a wide array of ingredients, including apples, sweet beans, chestnuts, cinnamon sugar, cheese, and ham.  


▲Maron Roll


▲Cherry Roll


▲Cinnamon Roll


▲Chocolate Roll


▲Ham & Cheese Roll

Side Winder and Appropriate Tightening Device

Side Winder

(Main Body)
MF101(Right side)

MF111 (Left side)
for EZ Table, Universal Table, and Compact EZ Table
MF011(Right side)

MF012 (Left side)

MF013 (Both side)    
Other Rheon Make Up Table

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