Shuttle Panner AP071, AP072 – Pan Into Uniform Rows.


Receive products formed by the encrusting machine and pan them in uniform rows.

The Shuttle Panner automates the labor-consuming operation of picking up and placing products onto trays.

This equipment is used in conjunction with any Rheon encrusting machine.

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AP071 : Ability to pan long-formed products. Optional operation panel is available for independent operation of AP071.


ID00000182img1 ▲AP072

AP072 : While panning, the Shuttle Panner automatically compensates for uneven product distribution from the previous line, so that evenly spaced products are panned continuously.

The panner can store 10 different placement patterns in its memory. By recalling a product code, the panner can instantaneously equip itself to adapt to different products and product sizes.

The operation panel is a touch panel screen to ease delicate adjustments involving panning pitch, number, and position.





Machine Code AP071 AP072
Operation Panel  Operation Panel is optional Operation Panel is standardized
Possible Panning Number 1 – 15pcs. / row 3 – 15pcs. / row
Possible Panning Range 800mm 700mm
Possible Rate Product  60pcs/min.(max.)  20 – 60pcs/min.
Minimum Pitch  30mm (between Products) 30mm (between Products)
Panning Pattern 6 x 5 panning, 7 x 5 panning, 8 x 6 panning etc. 6 x 5 panning, 7 x 5 panning, 8 x 6 panning etc.
Height of the Belt Surface 610 – 870mm 610 – 870mm
Belt Width  75mm (for 1 Encrusting Machine)

150mm (for 2 Encrusting Machines)

75mm (for 1 Encrusting Machine)

150mm (for 2 Encrusting Machines)










(The panning proceeds at a right angle from the encrusting machine's flow direction.)



Total Length 1650mm
Total Width 680mm (765mm / Operation Panel Equipped)
Total Height 792-1052mm (1133-1393mm / Operation Panel Equipped)