Sesame Covering Device RU101


Covers products with a uniform layer of sesame seeds.

Connect the Sesame Covering Device to the Rheon Cornucopia® to automatically cover the surfaces of products with a uniform layer of fine powder or particle materials.




  • The Sesame Covering Device offers efficient production in a compact structure.
  • Its capacity corresponds to the production output of one encrusting machine.
  • All sections and parts are easy to attach and detach, so that changing the topping material and cleaning can be done quickly.
  • Casters ease moving the Sesame Covering Device.
  • The Sesame Covering Device is synchronized with the encrusting machine to consistently and completely cover the products with topping.

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A wide range of topping materials


The Sesame Covering Device is designed to handle a wide range of topping materials, from fine powder materials like soybean powder and rice granules, to fine particle materials like sesame and poppy seeds, to unusual toppings like seaweed flakes and kori mochi.

Cornucopia® Production Line with Sesame Covering Device


Create a production line by simply attaching a conveyor to follow the Sesame Covering Device. This will increase production efficiency.

The operating speed of the Sesame Covering Device speed is synchronized with the production rate of preceding forming machines.

Since the flourless encruster on Rheon's encrusting machine, the Cornucopia® shapes products without using dusting flour, no water spraying is necessary to cover the products with the Sesame Covering Device.



Production Capacity 60pcs/min(max.)
Product Shape Spherical
Product Weight Range(encrusted product) 15-65g(Gyuhi Mochi)
Product Size 55mm(Max height)