High Speed Stretcher SM Series – Dough Extending


A STRESS FREE(R) and high Performance Dough Extending Machine

The High Speed Stretcher extends a variety of dough without the loss of elasticity, enabling superior and high quality bread.



The New High Speed Stretcher Condenses Rheon's Principles of Stretching into a Useful, Flexible, and Compact Body.

4.1.2 JP

Reduces to 1 / 10 of thickness in one step

4.1.2 JP

Rheon's STRESS FREE(R) method applies only negative stress during stretching, so that no shearing stress arises within the dough from different internal speeds. Rheon uses continuous and minute vibrations that trigger a thixotropic reaction within the dough, and stretching occurs without stress.

Compare the STRESS FREE(R) results with those of conventional and high stress sheeting machines : the difference is apparent in the quality of the baked products.

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A Compact Body

It scales down the entire production line for space efficient production.


Unparalleled Flexibility

It extends a variety of dough by controlling production conditions as desired.


Quick Response Time

Make adjustments at anytime, to adapt to the stretching ratio and processing speed.


PMU Control

Choose the PMU option for fully automated control of stretching and operating speed.


Clean Factory Environment

Dusting flour does not scatter, to maintain sanitary conditions at all times.


Quiet Operation



Machine Code SM601 SM602 SM603 SM605
Effective Dough Width 400mm 600mm 800mm 1200mm
Output 500 – 1500kg/H 500 – 2000kg/H 500 – 2000kg/H 500 – 2000kg/H


Easy Cleaning Model


Hygiene-conscious design facilitates cleaning and maintenance work.

Simple one-touch parts disassembly and assembly.

Easy access to corners inside the machine.

Designed for a safe and hygienic production environment with no contamination and dusting flour accumulation.

Machine Code SM611 SM612
Effective Dough Width 400mm 600mm
Output 500 – 1500kg/H 500 – 1500kg/H


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