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It deposits the filling material onto the dough sheet or trays moving on the production line.

There are two types of deposit forms.

Choose the right depositor for your production process, products and capacity requirements from our wide range of line-up.



Choose the right depositor for your products

"Continuous Deposit" continuously extrudes the material in the form of lines onto the moving dough sheet.

"Spot Deposit" deposits the material individually in round or oblong shape. Because of the air drive system for "Spot Deposit", the material receives no excess pressure.

By this system, the material is deposited stably and the uniform production is achieved with a wide range of material application.

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1) Rotary Valve Type Depositor


Spot Depositor for soft and fluid material.

The shape of the deposit can vary according to nozzle and speed.

The machine can be equipped with an agitator for the materials which tend to create a bridge in the hopper.


Spot Type

Depositing amount Max. depositing frequency Nozzle Pitch Max. dough width
15 – 40cc 40 times/min 100mm, 85mm, 70mm MD201 : 400mm

MD202 : 600mm

MD203 : 800mm


Long spot type (Custom order)

Max. depositing capacity Max. depositing frequency
300cc/deposit 13 times/min


Butter cream with cutter (Custom order)

Depositing capacity Depositing frequency
8 – 20cc 40 times/min


2) Continuous Screw Type Depositor


Continuous Depositor with screw feeder. Select the number of rows or deposit shapes by changing nozzle. The machine can be equipped with an agitator.

Depositing capacity Nozzle pitch Max. dough width
Depositing amount is adjustable within 0.2 – 1.5kg/min per nozzle 100mm  MD011 : 400mm

MD012 : 600mm

MD013 : 800mm


3) Piston and Screw Type Depositor


Continuous and Spot Depositor. It has the same ability for continuous depositing as screw type machines.
Softer materials are suitable for spot depositing because of piston action.

Depositing capacity


Depositing capacity


Max. dough width

Depositing amount is adjustable 

within 15 – 1500g/min per nozzle. = Belt speed (mm/min) / 40 = Belt speed (mm/min) / 13 
MD101 : 400mm

MD102 : 600mm

MD103 : 800mm


4) Valve and Screw Type Depositor

Continuous and Spot Depositor for harder material. This machine can also perform the same function as the continuous screw depositor.


Depositing capacity

Depositing capacity

Max. depositing frequency Max. dough width
Adjustable within

0.6 – 1.4kg/min per nozzle

(20mm diameter)
One nozzle deposits 

15 – 35g per deposit    
40 times / min MD301 : 400mm

MD302 : 600mm

MD303 : 800mm

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