The Semi-automatic samosa machine (Model: SAM-25SEMI) has been developed so that various pastries ( such as spring roll pastry, fresh pastry, etc) can be applied. Firstly, put stuffing into the stuffing hopper. Then put the prepared pastry on the transfer table by hand, after that the samosa machine automatically deposits the stuffing on the pastry, wraps / folds the stuffing through 3 steps, glues, finally delivers them onto the conveyer. The feature of this model is that higher productivity is possible though it is semi-automatic type.

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Production capacity: 1,500 Pieces / Hr.
Products weight: 18g-50g / Piece
Note: The weight is not adjustable. One weight must be taken at time of order.
Products size: 65x65x65mm-90x90x90mm
Note: The size is not adjustable. One size must be taken at time of order.
Machine dimension (mm):1320Lx1650Wx1680H


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