T-16 – Full Option Type


T-16 full-option type    This model offers an automated, customized design centering around the T-16 fully-automated gyoza-making machine, with a screw-type dough maker and auto lineup device. Customers striving to reduce labor and boost efficiency will like the outstanding convenience delivered by this type.



  • Designed to the customer's specifications in terms of gyoza size, ingredient quantities, etc.
  • Dough for gyoza wraps is made automatically.
  • Off-cuts are returned to the screw-type dough maker and re-used.
  • Between 6 and 12 rows can be laid out automatically, based on the net conveyor used by the customer.
  • Gyoza can be laid out automatically on the pallets and trays used by the customer.

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■Principal Dimensions

Example showing the T-16B automated gyoza-making line




Capacity 10,000 pcs/hour
No. of forming pallets 16
Unloading conveyor Auto width-adjusting type
Dough roller width 230mm
Water-added dough feed Air shower
Product feed configuration Lined up on conveyor (6-, 9- and 12-row specifications available)
Air supply method Equipment installed at site used (not installed on main machine)
Main machine dimensions 3310 mm x 1743 mm x 1665 mm
Electrical power Main unit drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.750 kW

Screw drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.090 kW

Dough maker drive: 3-phase 200 V 3,000 kW

(1-stage: 1,500 kW, 2-stage: 1,500 kW)
Total weight 1250kg

※Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve performance.