EZ Table® – For Bread and Pastry


The best hand for Bread and Pastry.

EZ Table is a simple straight bread line, which consists of two devices, "Action Roller®" and Make-Up Table".

The Action Roller® stretches the dough without causing any damage to the dough sheet.

Any option can be attached to the Make-Up Table to create wide variety of Bread and Pastry.



EZ Table® automatically forms variety of products by producing Bread and Pastry from continuous dough sheet.

Rheon STRESS FREE® System creates high-quality products without any damage to the dough.

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Highly efficient dough stretching machine; "Action Roller®"


Action Roller® forms continuous dough sheet to efficiently produce high quality and volume of Bread and Pastry.


By simply inputing "dough width", "dough thickness", and "stretching roller speed", Action Roller® can create specified dough sheet automatically by sensing the flow of dough and accurately calculating the dough-stretching ratio.

Action Roller® stretches the dough sheet without breaking out the dough and fat layers for the production of delicate pastries.


Choose between Compact Table and Universal Table as follows:

Choose the best combination according to the required products, production amount, and plant space.


Compact EZ Table® is a compact bread line, which has high productivity with less space.


Compact EZ Table® is designed to work for a wide range of production, and various options can be attached to the make-up table. The Guillotine Cutter can easily slide for two cutting process.


EZ Table® automatically creates various products. 


Universal Table is a more versatile make-up system than the Compact Table because of its wide variety of shaping attachments.
Therefore, should you choose this automated system based on your production requirements.

All the shaping attachments are easily detachable for quick cleaning of products and for easy cleaning.

Various shaping tools

Rheon's various shaping tools can be attached on the make-up table, and automatically form product into a required shape.

Please contact us about Universal Table and Compact Table production details.


▲Danish Pastry, Mini Croissant, Cinnamon Roll


▲Puff Pastry, Fruit Pie, Almond Pie


▲Leaf Pie, Doughnut, Cookies

Compact EZ® / EZ Table® Specification


Model Compact EZ® WD400 EZ Table® WD400 EZ Table® WD600
Effective Dough Sheet Width 400mm 400mm 600mm
Length * 6580mm 9000-12000mm available 9000-12000mm available
Width 1280mm 1280mm 1500mm
Height 1570mm 1570mm 1570mm

* Please contact us about the EZ Table® length details

Action Roller® Specification

  AM011 AM012
Machine Code Compact EZ® WD400

EZ Table® WD400
 EZ Table® WD600
Effective Dough Sheet Width 300 – 400mm

(Conveyor Belt Width : 500mm)
500 – 600mm

(Conveyor Belt Width : 700mm)
Outfeed Conveyor Belt Speed *1 1 – 2m/min.(Type A)

1.4 – 4m/min.(Type B)
1.4 – 4m/min.
Set Dough Sheet Width 300 – 400mm Possible 500 – 600mm Possible
Roller Clearance Gage 1 – 15mm Possible 1 – 15mm Possible

*1 Infeed Conveyor belt speed is automatically controlled so that the dough sheet width is fixed.
*2 The data may differ due to difference in dough and forming conditions.

Option List

Type of machine  EZ table® Compact EZ®
Croissant Cutter Option Option
Slit Cutter Option Option
Flexible Blade Cutter  Option (N/A)
Butter Roll Cutter  Option Option
Circular Cutter Option Option
Mini Croissant Cutter Option Option
Guillotine Cutter Standard (N/A)
Double Rotary Cutter Frame Standard Option
Round Cutter  Option Option
Hexagon Cutter Option Option
Blade Wheel Option Option
Press Board Option Option
Separator Option (N/A)
Croissant Turner Option (N/A)
Side Winder Option Option
Tightening Device(for Side Winder) Option Option
Pin Wheel Option Option
Curl Net Option Option
Marker  Option Option
Sheet Folder Option Option
Folding Unit(Single/Double) Option Option
Twister Option (N/A)
Press Roller Option (N/A)
Depositor(Continuous Screw Type) Option Option
Strewer Option Option