Dim sum master (Model: AF-50) is able to produce wide range of shapes of dim sum such as Gyoza, Potsticker, Dumpling, Samosa, Egg roll, Ravioli, Empanada, Shoronpo, by change of the forming attachment. The size of dim sum also can be changed with replacement of the forming roller on the forming attachment.The dim sum master allows you to use the pastry containing higher moisture (35-55 %) and fermented pastry, And also the dim sum master can be easily washed with water.

Products to be produced: Gyoza, Har kao, Samosa, Egg roll, Paozu / Bun.

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Production capacity: 1000-5,000 sheets / hour
Product size: 15-25g (At standard except bun)
Note: In the case of Bun: 50 g or less.
Water content to Flour: 35-55 %
Machine dimension (W x L x H): 500 x 1,500x 1,750 mm
Required power: 1.4 KW.


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