Forming Unit Conveyor UC303 – Secondary Shaping Option



This conveyor does secondary shaping with optional devices.

With a combination of the options, it performs a variety of secondary shaping of products made on Rheon Encrusting Machines.




At the use of Vertical Cross Cutter, separation of sliced pieces are made by the speed difference between the belts No.1 and No.2.

(The picture is an operation image of the options. The actual machine overview on operation may differ with the safety covers on the options.)

Besides, the washable body creates a sanitary production environment. Conveyor belts, plates, and rollers are easily removable for cleaning.

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Up to 3 optional devices are selectable.




Model Code UC303
Total Length 1390mm
Total Width 594mm
Total Height 1298 – 1398mm
Belt Speed 1-17m/min. (Common for No.1 & No.2 belt)