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The machine (Model:CT-100) is able to produce the "Crystal Prawn Dumpling", called Har Gau / Har Kao. Putting the stuffing including prawn and the kneaded-starch dough into the stuffing hopper and dough hopper, respectively, the machine forms Har Gau / Har Kao and delivers them on the conveyer . When the Har Gau / Har Kao is steamed, it comes semi-transparent and crystal as shown below, and also its shape and flavor are almost the same as handmade ones. That is, there is not big difference between the machine-made Har Kao (Crystal Prawn Dumpling) and handmade one.

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Product Weight: 17-23 grams
Prawn or shrimp can be well seen through pastry
Production capacity: 3,000 Pieces / hour


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