Heat Stamper NU102


Stamps and shapes products automatically.

The Heat Stamper can be connected to Rheon's Cornucopia® Encrusting Machine to create a secondary form on any spherical or log-shaped products by stamping and shaping them automatically.




The products are press molded into your original pattern. It requires no flour since the Heat Stamper comes equipped with the heating system.

This equipment uses a sensor to recognize the product, which in turn activates the stamping mold.

The products are stamped and shaped accurately even if the product pitch is altered.

The stamping mold of the forming section can be changed based on the shape of the products.

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You can design an automatic forming and shaping line for baked confectioneries by connecting the Heat Stamper to Rheon's Cornucopia® Encrusting Machines.




Output Max. 50pc/min.
Belt Speed 3m/min. – 30m/min.
Product Size 40-80dia., Height 10mm – 35mm