FC80(-2L) – 2 Lane Stick Packer

01171440_50f78eb5950bcThe FC-80 is the smallest of the FC series models and has 2 lanes. This makes it ideal for those whoe require a compact packer with a small capacity.

Options include the addition of an auger filler, quantity measuring device, and mass measuring device. 



Packaging style Stick Bag
Packaging product Powder
Packaging speed 10 – 70 bags / min / line
Bag length 50 – 190mm
Bag width 10 – 60mm / 200mm
Diameter of packaging film φ350mm
Power source 3-phase 200VAC, 50/60Hz, 6kW at peak, 3kW at average
Air consumption 0.6Mpa, 200NL/min
Dimensions 1200mm W x 1360mm D x 2100mm H
Machine weight 500kg