FC 1000


Standard machine for stick packs. Best selling machine in the world.

Standard devices

-Heater temperature monitor
-Film end stop device
-Abnormal air pressure stop device
-Total counter
-Preset counter
-Pattern matching devise
-Film joint detector
-Detective removal devise
-Edge slit removing device
-Horizontal sealing position changing devise of dial type (used for matching the pattern)


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Packaging Style

When the film width is 1000 mm, the effective width is 980 mm, because about 20 mm in total is slit at both sides.

a.Fin seal: Bag width 20 mm 
(20mm + 20mm + 4mm + 4mm=48mm)
980mm/48mm = 20.4 = 20-lines (A maximum of 20 lines).

b.Lap seal: Bag width 20 mm 
(20mm + 20mm + 4mm = 44mm) 
980mm/44mm = 22.27 = 22-lines (A maximum of 22 lines).

NOTE: Details of the calculation will be discussed with 
you and determined when determining the specifications.


Packaging Dimensions

Screen Shot 2556-06-20 at 1.41.28 PM