ASC-300 Top Load Cartoner For Crash-Lock Cartons

omori asc300


  • Automates the loading and closure of preglued crash-lock cartons.
  • Ideal for a collation of up to 5 pillow wrapped or banded items.
  • An orthogonal robot loads the carton.
  • Repeatability in size change is achieved through fixed size change parts and handwheel adjustment.
  • Leaflet feed is confirmed by a vision system.


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For Crash lock carton

Speed MAX15 collations/minute (Equivalent to 7,500tablet/minute x 10 sheets)
Carton Size(mm) L : 100~165
W : 100~140
H : 40~130
DF : 40~50
F : 20
Please consult us if the size is beyond normal range.
Box sealing method Flap insertion and taping
Carton material Paperboard 300~400g/m2
Power 3PH AC200V 6KVA (differs depending on the specification)
Compressed air  0.5MPa 250liter/min(ANR)(differs depending on the specification)

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and pack characteristics.