BS-630 – Scrapless Type

omori bs360


  • Automatic film banding machine for products such as sausages, cheese, fish products pastes and cheese sticks.
  • Designed with twin servo motor driven film rolls so the band is made without trim waste.
  • The machine uses the minimum of material and the banding presentation is beautifully tight.
  • Simple product size change on touch screen display.
  • The machine is equipped with top and bottom film splicers to ensure overall line efficiency when interlocked (linked) with other machines.


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Scrap-free type

Speed MAX.100 bands/minute(based on four/one bunch) For larger collations, speed reduces based on MAX 400 products/min
Seal Type Welded fin seal
Material Plastic film
Film width 30mm~50mm
Size φ14~φ28


(Please consult for other special sizes)
Product Cylindrical products such as sausages, fish products, and cheese sticks.
Power used 3PH AC200V 3.5KVA
Air usage 0.5MPa 250N litre (ANR)
Machine size Length : 2,320mm

Width : 1,040mm

Height : 1,690mm

Product flow level : 800mm
Machine weight Approx. 900kg
Interlocking device and machine Interlocking (link) possible to horizontal pillow wrapping machine S-5000A, S-5000A-TW.

(Option – not included as standard)

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and pack characteristics.


Optional equipment

  • Starwheel type automatic counting and feeding