S-5000A BX-2HEAD – High Speed Modified Atmosphere (MAP) & Oxygen Scavenger Type High Speed Shrink

omori5000 Modified atmosphere (MAP) and oxygen scavenger type


  • 150 hermetically sealed packs per minute
  • Long-dwell center sealer and double end sealers eliminate extreme seal temperatures and provide exceptional film versatility.
  • Reliability and integrity of the seal are assured and improved by double sealing.
  • As the cutter is incorporated in the second end sealer, the first sealer makes a total seal between packs.
  • The Y notch function creates a stable and reliable easy open feature.


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Modified atmosphere (MAP) and oxygen scavenger type

Speed MAX. 150packs/min
Main Motor AC servo motor
Film Width MAX. 450mm
Cut-off length  
Product Size




Width : 150mm



Height : 45mm

Standard paint color Ivory(Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 10KVA(Differs according to specification)
Machine weight  Approx. 1,500kg







*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Automatic Film Splicer with splice rejection
  • Film edge position controller – prevents snaking
  • Static eliminator with Ion balancer
  • Servo driven belt separation automatic infeed
  • Oxygen absorber feeder
  • Gas flushing (MAP) device
  • Thermal transfer printer (optimizes carbon tape utilization)
  • Mis-position, non-cut function – Disables end sealer if product is out of position