CS-3600 Compact HFFS Inverted



  • Clear 12.1" LCD color touch screen control panel
  • Soft products are wrapped gently and neatly.
  • Suitable for wrapping multiple loose products without a tray and stick-shaped products such as candy.
  • Simple repeatable size change – ideal for short runs of different products.
  • Easy maintenance and trouble-free operation.


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Inverted machine

Speed MAX 120packs/min
Main motor AC servo motor
Film width MAX 300mm Single arbour type
Cut-off length From 60mm
Product size Width : MAX150mm
Height : MAX50mm (60mm)
Standard paint color Ivory (Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 4KVA(Differs according to specification)
Machine weight Approx. 700kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • No product, no bag
  • Mis-position, non-cut function – Disables end sealer if product is out of position
  • Memory card: Back up/Restore Data
  • Calendar Timer (Allows sealer pre-heating and timed shutdown)
  • Various automatic feeders
  • Gusset device – neat & compact end seals
  • Thermal transfer printer (optimizes carbon tape utilization)