STN-8600 High Speed Servo Tray Stretch Wrapper With Shrink Tunnel

omori stn8600

The Omori STN-8600 is a popular tray stretch wrapper for packaging food products like fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. With a maximum speed of 120 trays per minute, the STN-8600 is one of the faster machines on the market.

The STN-8600 is identical to the STN-8500, except for the additional shrink tunnel. The STN-8600 is perfect for those who do not have an existing shrink tunnel and want a complete solution

The STN-8600 uses around 30% less film than other machines, helping you to reduce costs and the impact on the environment.

The machine also features an on-demand function: if no products are fed into the machine, nothing is wrapped, which means no more empty packs.

The gentle, shock-free handling of the product throughout the packing process ensures that your product maintains its visual quality and is suitable for presentation on store shelves. 

The STN-8600 uses a unique film folding technology to create a tight, neat seal. The film is folded and heated to create a tamper-proof seal. 

Designed and manufactured in Japan by Japan's largest automatic packaging company, your operation will be able to depend on the Omori STN-8600.


  • 2 modes of operation – Cycle motion or continuous “on-demand" motion can be selected.
  • In continuous motion, speed is adjusted automatically according to product flow.
  • Automatic separation and product timing – stable wrapping.
  • Unique film feeding and folding technology for excellent pack presentation.
  • End flap folding technology creates a beautiful secure finish.
  • Reduced film use and tight wrapping.
  • All servo motor drive for total stability in high speed wrapping Product setting is up to 64 product memory.
  • As an option, a checkweigher communications package can be installed providing one-touch size change for both machines.


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Model STN-8500 (standard) STN-8600 (with tunnel)
Speed Cycle mode : 30~80rpm
Continuous mode : 30~120rpm
Main motor AC servo motor
Film width 220~550mm
Tray size Width : 80~210mm
Height : 15~60mm
Length : 100~400mm
Product Height 5~80mm
Infeed Belt in-feed type
Power used Main unit : 3PH AC200V 4KVA
Shrink tunnel : Non    
Main unit : 3PH AC200V 4KVA


Shrink tunnel : 3PH AC200V 2KVA

Machine weight Approx. 700kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Infeed Conveyor extension with sensors.
  • Stop switch with extension cable
  • Discharge conveyor extension
  • Signal light tower
  • Discharge conveyor hold down belt
  • Print registration system
  • Heated center sealer
  • Fully Automatic size change function
  • Side belt width 67mm height
  • Telecommunication function with checkweigher