S-5000A HS/HSR High Speed Automatic Belt Infeed Type

omoriS-5000A HSHSR


  • Clear 12.1" LCD color touch screen control panel.
  • Excellent seal strength welded bead seals.
  • One-touch easy-open option.
  • High quality, high speed, presentation wrapping.
  • Automatic trim winding device.
  • Various seal systems available according to film material and packaging speed.
  • Versatile wrapping system with many pack styles.
  • Various options available for enhanced pack features.


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Model S-5000A HS/HSR S-5100A HS/HSR (Wide type)
Speed HS: 250packs/min HSR:120packs/min
Main Motor AC servo motor
Film Width MAX450mm MAX600mm
Cut-off length

(Long product capability)
Product Size

Width : 200mm

Height : 60mm

Also available 80R/100R (additional height capacity)
Width : 280mm

Height : 60mm

Also available 80R/100R (additional height capacity)
Standard paint color Ivory( Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 6KVA (Differs according to specification)
Machine weight Approx. 800kg Approx. 1,000kg

Super wide type: S-5200A(Film Width:850mm) available
*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Automatic Film Splicer with splice rejection
  • Printer
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Gusset device – neat & compact end seals
  • One-touch open device
  • Memory Card (Back-up/Restore Data)
  • Various automatic feeders
  • Calendar Timer (Allows sealer pre-heating and timed shutdown)
  • Automatic trim winding system