BM-510 – Collations of Pharmaceutical PTP Blisters

omori bs510


  • The accumulated PTP sheets are banded tightly in film (CPP).
  • A rigid machine structure and grooved cam drive operation ensures very smooth machine movement.
  • Designed especially for ease of operation.


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Pharmaceutical PTP sheet collations

Use Bands stacked or nested groups of PTP blister sheets.
Adhesion method  Overlap style heat seal
Wrapping material CCP/thickness30-40 μ x width30-40mm
Product Size(standard size) W : 85mm/max

H : 60mm/max

L : 135mm/max

*Please consult for other special size.
Compressed air 0.5MPa 50Liter/mm(ANR)
Bunch Number  7-10 sheet
Power Stand-alone operation : 3.5KVA

Interlocked with stacking/nesting : 2.0KVA
Machine weight Approx. 500kg
Standard equipment and devices Automatic film splicer, splice detection and reject device, 

seal defect detection and reject device

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and pack characteristics