EP-7000 BX – High Speed Box Motion (Long Dwell) End Seal


The Omori EP-7000 BX is a high speed horizontal flow wrapper featuring a box motion end sealer. The EP-7000 BX is able to wrap food products in film at a speed of up to 120 packs per minute. 

The EP-7000 BX is perfect for large production line packing of food products such as confectionery, baked goods, vegetable, fruit, meat, cheese biscuits, crackers, cookies, wafers, and candy as well as non-food applications.

The box motion end sealer is ideal for products which use thicker packaging films and need air tight (hermetic) sealing (especially when gas flushing / modified atmosphere pacaging (MAP) is needed). 


  • Designed with machine hygiene in mind
  • Reinforced safety features
  • Cantilever design infeed conveyor for easy cleaning and simple maintenance.
  • Automatic film feed roller positioning and new film tension control system ensures consistent film folding.
  • New design end sealer mechanism for high integrity seals and long service life. Features easy-clean end sealer (with tool-free cutter change and retractable discharge belt).New design wheel type center sealer
  • with fast temperature response allows for a wider range of films to be used with the machine.
  • 15-inch color touch screen control panel. Twin screen display available for multi-monitoring and control.


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  Rotary End Seal Box Motion End Seal
Model EP-7000 EP-7000 BX
Speed 300packs/min. 120packs/min.
Main motor AC servomotor
Film width MAX450mm
Cut-off length 60~600mm
Product size(Max.)

Width : 200mm

Height : 60mm

Width : 200mm

Height : 80mm

Power used 3PH 200V 8kW
Machine weight Approx 980kg Approx 1,000kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.