Model GP-700FZ-SR SUPPORT packing job with Gusset Pouch, Stand Pouch and 4 side-sealed pouch with zipper. 

You can change type of pouches, easily and quickly. 

High Speed Packing, 60 bags /min, will let you satisfy. 

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Applications Powder, granule, solidified product 
Package types Gusset Pouch, Stand Pouch, 4 side-sealed Pouch and with Zipper
Operating speeds 30~60 bags/min 
Bag dimensions Gusset pouch

Width; 80~130mm  

Length; 170~300mm 
4 side-sealed pouch 

Width; 100~230mm 

Length; 170~380mm 
Folding length 20~40mm
Filling capacity MAX. 1,000g 
Machine dimensions Width; 1,630mm 

Length; 3,040mm 

Height; 1,675mm