Standard devices

US12 is a packaging machine for tea bags (green tea, black tea, coffee and so on) only. 

Since a ultrasonic sealing system is used, packaging film made of polyester or nylon is possible.

To change from 3-side seal packaging to tetrapack packaging and versa vice are easy.

Since a microcomputer is built in, setting the pitch is made on a digital system and changing the pitch is easy.

The data for various kinds of products can be store in memory.

Therefore, the operability is excellent.


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Various Packaging Styles



  • 3-side seal
  • 3-side seal with tag thread
  • 3-side seal with drip
  • Tetrapack
  • Tetrapack with tag thread












Screen Shot 2556-06-22 at 2.29.02 PM

*1 : Approx. 100 mm max. Itย  varies depending on horizontal seal width.
*2 : The range will be determined through discussion with user. 
*3 : Varies depending on the specifications.