S-5000A TW – High Speed Twin Lane Rotary End Seal



  • Individually controlled twin lanes
  • Different products can be run on each lane or, alternatively, the same product can be run on both lanes.
  • Automatic Film Splicer with splice rejection for both lanes comes as standard.
  • Mirror image model is available for those who need two machines and four production lines. This means that just 1 operator can supervise 4 production lines from the same position.
  • Compact body saves floor space.
  • Various optional devices available.


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High speed twin lane HFFS machine

Speed 600~1,000packs/min
Main motor AAC servo motor
Film width MAX. 250mm Roll Diameter:φ350mm
Cut-off length


(Long product capability)

Product size Width : 100mm


Height : 30mm

Standard paint color Ivory( Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 10KVA (Differs according to specification)
Machine weight Approx. 1,500kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Printer
  • Various automatic feeders


Optional soft

  • On-demand function: (No product, no bag)
  • Memory Card (Back-up/Restore Data).
  • Calendar Timer (Allows sealer pre-heating and timed shutdown)