This is a full-scale automatic packaging machine which is equipped with a device to automatically supply trays and drier(de-oxidizer). 

It contributes to the labor-saving by means of automating the operations which were formerly done by hands. 

It can be widely applied to the bags with tray, deoxidant & drier, and easily operated just as the conventional automatic pouch fill-sealing machines. 


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Applications Rice-cake cubes, delicacies, noodles with pasteboard
Package types Pillow type three-side seal and four-side seal bag on a tray 
Operating speeds 30~40 bags/min 
Bag and tray dimensions Bag; 140~380(L)×100~230(W)×0.06~0.1mm or les (T) 

Tray;150~270(L)×110~180(W)×less than 15(T)mm
Filling capacity Up to 1kg 
Machine dimensions Width; 1,720mm 

Length; 4,500mm 

Height; 1,645mm