FV-9000 – High Spec & Upgraded Hygiene

omori fv-9000


  • Easy chamber replacement

Trolley system for forming and vacuum chambers. Sliding drawer chamber replacement option.

  • Safety design

Active matrix TFT color touch screen display with diagnostics assures effortless operation. Adjsutable position for ease of view and operation.

  • 10.4" color touch screen control

  • Accurate print registration (OPTION)

The bottom film is servomotor driven, allowing very accurate film feed adjustment. Film feed pitch can be adjusted in 0.1mm steps. Print registration is simple and accurate and, as an option, the machine can be handle bottom film with eye-marks.

  • Multiple package styles

Vacuum pack, MAP pack, blister pack, skin pack, steam shrink pack, hot pack, etc.

  • Various types of date coder (OPTION)

Multi-lane thermal transfer date coder is available.

  • Factory automation

The machine's control system is designed to simplify connection and synchronization with upstream and downstream equipment such as automatic product feeders, wrap-around cartoner, set-up caser, slicer, etc.


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Speed (Max.) Vacuum pack : Max. 10 cycles/min.
Gas (MAP) pack : Max. 8 ~ 10cycles/min.
Form & pack : Max. 10 cycles/min.
*Varies according to product, format, etc.
Width of base film Type A : 370 ~ 420 mm
Type B : 420 ~ 470 mm
Type C : 470 ~ 520 mm
Type D : 520 ~ 570 mm
Type E : 570 ~ 620 mm
Film Type Lid: Heat sealable plastic films
Base: Thermoformable and heat sealable plastic film
Maximum O.D. of roll film: 370mm
Pressing depth Max. 130 mm
Products Foods (solid, liquid, paste). Medical & Pharmaceutical items, Industrial products
Machine length 4,300mm (Standard) 5,300mm (1,000mm long)
6,300mm (2,000mm long)
Forming systems Thermoforming with vacuum and compressed air
Sealing method Heat sealing
Print registration Photocell / servomotor control
Film feeding Servomotor driven intermittent feed
Cross cutting system Pneumatic driven cross-cut type
Longitudinal slit system Motor driven circular knives
Film trim remover Rewind type scrap removal system or cut type
Compressed air 0.6Mpa Approx. 130 litre/cycle *Varies according to specification.
Water cooling 0.2 – 0.3 Mpa, 4 – 5 litre/min.
Power consumption 3ph., AC200V, 10 KVA, 50/60Hz *Varies according to specification.
Machine weight Approx. 1,500Kgs.

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Discharge belt conveyor
  • Plug-assist forming
  • Drape forming
  • Bottom film print registration
  • Gas flushing (MAP) system
  • Sauce filled pack
  • Skin pack system
  • Perforation cutting system
  • Round corner cutting system
  • Trimming system
  • I-notch cutter system
  • Cooling system
  • Automatic gripper chain cleaning system
  • Air chuck type film bobbin
  • Date coder
  • Coding check device