Double pitch system is loaded on this machine, which realizes one-process two-bag simultaneous operation, and a large increase in the production speed of Max.100 bags/min without spoiling the beautiful finish. 

At the same time, bag-feeding magazine stock has been increased to 2.5 times of the conventional model, which decreased the labor of bag-feeding operation by the half. 
Furthermore, for changes and adjustments of bag size, one-touch system is adopted at each part to secure change and adjustment without using tools. 

In addition to the above functionality and operativity, not only measures to cope with the PL Law, but also environment security measures, like the HACCP sanitary management system, are perfectly prepared for this latest machine. 

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Applications  Chemical Seasonings, fish food, insecticide, salt, sugar, macaroni, etc.
Package types Two-side seal bags, four-side seal bags, fin seal and three-side seal bags, four-side seal bags with zipper, and standing bags
Operating speeds 60~100 pieces/min 
Bag dimensions Width; 80~160mm 

Length; 150~330mm
Filling capacity MAX. 1,000g 
Machine dimensions Width; 2,230mm 

Length; 2,360mm 

Height; 1,820mm