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  • The bag feeder with a new mechanism adjusts bag position automatically. 
  • The machine assures stable product quality and greatly improves productivity.(UR/USR/UST models)
  • Dial type fine adjusters are used on the bag feed conveyor to enable numerical production control.
  • This strongly helps multi-objective production.
  • No painting is actualized on the packer as a measure to prevent entrance of foreign material into packing process.
  • A product lineup is prepared to meet bag types or packing conditions of the customer. Bag making types are also available for multiple lot production.


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UR Standard type corresponding to back sealed three-side-seal bag,four-side-seal bag, or four-side bag with fastener.
USR Correspond to standing pouch. Also applicable to back sealed three-side-seal bag, four -side-seal bag, or four-side-seal bag with fastener.
UST Almighty highest-end model capable of handling standing pouches with fasteners.
GY Bag stocker type.
B Bag-making type. For Tube Roll Film




Applications Powders, granular products, seasonings, sugar, salt, snacks, chemical products, etc
Operating speed 15~60 bag/min

(Depend on filling products)
Bag dimensions Width:    100~230mm

Length:    130~380mm
Filling capacity Up to 2,000g
Machine dimensions Width:    1,460mm

Length:    2,700mm